LinkStuff – Free At 45 Book Edition

I want to point out that one of my blogger colleagues has just released a new book called “Free at 45“.

Written by Tim Stobbs at Canadian Dream , the book shows how you can retire at 45, or at least a lot sooner than you might think.

I haven’t read it myself, but I’m sure it’s worth a read.


I’m continuing the pushup challenge and things are finally improving – I felt a lot better during the last two workouts. I’ve finished week two and now I have to do an exhaustion test before continuing with week three.

On with the links

Moneyville had an excellent, excellent article about the Risk involved with real estate. Their point about leverage is spot-on.

Phil from PT Money had an interesting article on Shipping Container Homes.

Oblivious Investor says the best place to get financial advice is not your brokerage firm.

On a similar note, Rob Carrick warns that banks can help you with financial planning, but they are mostly interested in sales.

Dianne Nice of the Globe & Mail explains How to deal with the CRA about a tax issue.

Yound & Thrifty says you can Save big money by quitting smoking. Unfortunately, as a non-smoker – I can’t do this. 😉

Boomer and Echo explains how to Name an RRSP beneficiary.

Financial Uproars ponders a Fat tax for unhealthy eaters.

Michael James says that Entering useless information on your tax return, might be worthwhile.

Clark from Million Dollar Journey wrote about Four money-induced attributes to be wary about.

The Canadian Capitalist says that the proposed learning passport, isn’t such a great deal.

Larry MacDonald insists that it’s time to buy US dollars.

Some American links

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I for got about the Hundred Pushup Challenge. I tried it a couple of years ago and got pretty far but didn’t make it to 100. The program did seem to work though. Good luck!

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