LinkStuff – Free Dividend Investing Book Edition

Mike from the Financial Blogger has written an ebook about dividend investing. It’s a pretty good resource which explains why dividend investing is a good idea, how to select stocks and how to get started with the whole process.

I might consider a book on the same topic in the future, but I can tell you that my price will be much higher than Mike’s. For some reason unknown to me, he has chosen to GIVE this book away.

I guess he is just a nice guy. 🙂

You can download the book for free from this dividend investing page.

On with the links

I found this article about a program that download your Facebook page into Excel pretty funny. The idea is that you could be sitting in your cubicle looking like you are working hard on a spreadsheet, when in fact you are just getting your Facebook fix. 🙂

Preet wrote a great article about Home renovation rationalization: investment or self-gratification. A must read!

Canadian Capitalist says that a blanket ban on RRSP swaps is a bad idea.

Boomer & Echo asks are rewards cards costing you money? Not me.

Michael James came up with a fun mortgage solution – make them like car loans.

Million Dollar Journey covered some benefit programs for people with disabilities.

The Oblivious Investor answers the question Should you own stocks in retirement?

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