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It was interesting to watch some of the inauguration speech by US President Obama this week.  While I think it’s great that a black man is president of the US – I thought the far more important milestone in US history this week was that George Bush is no longer in office.  As a Canadian, I don’t really care if the Dems or Pubs are in power (although I’d be more likely to vote R if I was an American) but if someone like Bush is charge – that is cause for concern.  His re-election ranks right up there with the OJ acquittal in terms of unexplainable events.

The funny thing is that I thought he was a pretty decent president for the first couple of years – but now Bush just reminds me of one of those movies where the company janitor gets promoted to CEO because of an administrative error.  In the movie, the former janitor usually ends up being very competent and saves the company from some impending financial disaster.  In real life…well it’s safe to say the opposite happened.  I’m sure he’s not a bad guy but he just got in way over his head.

The links

Squawkfox had a great post on words and expressions not to use on a resume.  I was wondering why she asked for my resume a while back – that’s where she got all her material.  A must read!

The Money Gardener broke the news about a plan by the Ontario and Canadian governments to provide a 10% down payment for anyone buying a house in Windsor.  That area has been hit hard by the auto sector so I guess the government is just trying to keep the city afloat.

Good Financial Cents– a new blog – wrote an introduction to asset allocation.   The author of this blog, Jeff Rose is a pretty nice guy and is also a certified financial planner in Illinois.

Bible Money Matters had a good post called do you ever plan to fully retire? A great question – I’d like to not have to work but I also don’t want to be sitting around all day.

Preet had an interesting idea about buying a Civic and renting a Ferrari.  I’ve never rented a fancy sports car but I always thought that renting made a lot more sense than buying.

The Oblivious Investor had a very interesting post about diversification using individual stocks.  It’s not that easy!

Dividend Growth Investor discusses when to buy back dividend stocks that you sold?

Amateur Asset Allocator says that socially responsible investing is a myth.  I couldn’t agree more!

Moolanomy says that Lending Club is better than credit cards when funding a small business.

The Well Heeled wonders is it time to buy?

Million Dollar Journey has 6 reasons why a recession is a good thing.

Canadian Capitalist wrote about preparing for tough times (ie layoffs etc).

The Intelligent Speculator speculates on Google stock.

Investing School explains what a hedge fund is.

ABCs of Investing wrote about 529 educational savings plans and explained what a stock exchange is.

Financial Blogger reveals the dark side of the MBA.   Wasn’t that a Pink Floyd album?

Money Ning has 50 ways to save money when traveling.

Green Panda Treehouse says that Circuit City liquidation Deals aren’t good deals.

Goto Retirement lists some key policy provisions with long term care insurance.

Blunt Money has some suggestions for maintaining your motivation.


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just a note: The past president of the United States, stays on payroll until his death. He steps down from power, but keeps the title “Mr. President” and the salary.

Thanks for the link and round-up. As for Bush, part of his legacy has not yet been determined. It may depend on how well Obama does in protecting us from our enemies while attempting to engage them diplomatically.

Mr. GoTo – you are welcome!

As for Bush – are you saying that it will be Obama’s actions that determine part of Bush’s legacy? That’s hard to understand – I would think that Obama’s actions would determine Obama’s legacy the same way that Bush’s actions have determined his legacy – yes, probably there will be things that happen in the future (or information comes to light) that add or subtract to Bush’s legacy but that will have nothing to do with Obama.

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