LinkStuff Halloween Edition

Squawkfox has some great ideas for Halloween costumes for both kids and adults.  Some great photos as usual.

Money Ning has some advice for hanging on in the bear market.

My Two Dollars has decided to hold back on his opinions (and he has a lot so this will be hard) because of too many bad commenters.

My Super Charged Life had a great story about a wonderful family moment he experienced recently.

Blunt Money says that investing feels like betting.  I think investing is like betting – except with much better odds.

Finance Freelance Life’s husband thinks that their insurance company isn’t very good at evaluating risk.

Green Panda Treehouse isn’t sure if she should pay off debt or save the money.

The Financial Blogger has some advice on beating inflation.

Dividend Guy Blog reports on some investing rules according to Warren Buffet.

The Wisdom Journal used to work as a debt collector and he came up with 10 debt collection don’ts.

Christian PF had an interesting quote from Stephen King.  He used to be one of my favourite authors.

The Intelligent Speculator says that Apple is a buy!

Investing School has some advice on dividends in a bear market.

What is a stock market index?

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