LinkStuff May 15 – NHL and Car Companies

Strange week in the news last week – the government ordered the car companies to reopen talks with the unions.  I find it quite ironic that these car companies are so poorly run that it takes a bloated government to tell it that more cuts are needed.  On the other hand since wages are not a big factor in car costs is there too much fuss over getting worker concessions?

Another odd story was the attempt to move the Phoenix Coyotes to Hamilton.  The NHL through Gary Bettman is dead set against Jim Basillie (owner of RIM) becoming an NHL owner which is really hard to understand.  No offence against the hockey fans in Phoenix (who are probably all from Canada) but moving that team ANYWHERE at all is a no-brainer.

The Links

Last week, I was interviewed by another Canadian blog – Money Energy – some good questions so check it out.

Kevin Press at the Today’s economy blog has a crush on Elizabeth Warren – who is she you ask?  Well, she wrote the Two Income Trap book for one thing.   She’s so smart she’s like the Chuck Norris of intellectual women (and men for that matter).  Note to Kevin – fix the short feeds!

My Findependance Day doesn’t mind working 20 hour days/ 80 hour weeks.  I think he might have regrets in the future.

My Findependance Day had another great post where he learned a great stock picking lesson from the crash of 2008.

My Dollar Plan went to a real estate auction and picked up a new rental property – it sounds pretty exciting.  I’m a tad skeptical of the assessment though – I don’t think there are any steals in real estate – whatever you pay is market value.

Cash Money Life had an interesting post on a business opportunity that he decided not to take.

The Oblivous Investor says that the Motley Fool gang are a bunch of scamsters – unfortunately I couldn’t agree more.   I think at one time they covered investment basics but now all they want to do is sell you the latest, hottest stock tip.

Million Dollar Journey asks about breaking a mortgage to get a lower rate.

Moolanomy has the low down on how to save money in the shower.

Preet had a very interesting article pointing out that fee-based advisors are not necessarily more ethical.

Financial Blogger has a frugal tip to stop buying.

Money Ning wants to know how much to invest abroad.

Good Financial Cents reports that 2009 required minimum distributions are suspended.

Canadian Capitalist had the lates Dalbar results which show that as usual investors behave badly.

The Intelligent Speculator says that Bank of America is stressed out.

Investing School reviews Share Builder stock broker.

ABCs of Investing wrote about investing in commodities.

Moolanomy has more than 40 alternative income ideas.


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Thanks for linking back to the carnival.

Interestingly enough, me and Moolanomy both wrote about shower heads. And then a week later we both wrote about roadside emergency kits. It was funny when we realized that. Mine is here: Shower heads. We come to similar conclusions, but have a little different spin on it!

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