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I do a lot of networking with other bloggers – one of the issues that has come up over the past year has been non-payment for services from¬† I haven’t done any business with them myself, but I’ve had to listen to endless complaining from my various blogger friends – both Canadian and American, about how they sell links to and they don’t get paid for them.

Finally this week – Debt Kid wrote a story about the issue and called out for non-payment in a post called “ can’t seem to pay it’s bills“.

Given that is a money-management website, it seems like an odd way to do business.  They were acquired recently by Intuit, which is a first-class organization, so hopefully Intuit can straighten things around.


On with the links:

For those of you interested in book self-publishing – I did a cost comparison of several self-publishing companies – Self-publishing company comparison: Amazon CreateSpace, Lulu or Lightning Source.

Michael James came up with a useful cell phone feature. I’d amend this to just give a warning if I’m going over certain limits, rather than shutting down.

Jim Yih reviews Investing is not rocket science. Jim also reveals his own book coming soon.

Million Dollar Journey brags about paying off the mortgage in 3 years. Ok, now I really hate FT! Kidding – congrats on the great accomplishment.

Larry MacDonald says that DIY investors sometimes focus on fees too much. I think for smaller portfolios, fees are not as important if the advisor is providing good advice.

Boomer and Echo are determined to make us understand life insurance.

Canadian Personal Finance talks about holiday regifting in families

Canadian Capitalist warns that insiders have an advantage in the stock market

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This is actually quite humorous. I didn’t like Mint from day one, and back in May when they contacted me about selling a link, my reply started as such:

“While I am generally very accepting of paid link offers, in this
particular case I’d have to say no. Unfortunately (for Mint), by far
the most popular post on my blog is titled “Mint Sucks” at

She said she admired my integrity for not selling out for a service I don’t like. I guess they’re really the ones with integrity problems.

I strongly believe that is the best web based financial management solution in the market. I have to admit, being acquired by Inuit surprised me. Aaron Patzer seemed to love the money more than creating something revolutionary. Like my favorite quote from the social network movie, “It’s like having a party and telling everyone it ends at 11.” Anyway, I just did my official review on Check it out!

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