LinkStuff – Monday, April 20

The Links

Cash Money Life had a pretty good post explaining why getting an MBA is no longer my goal.  I had considered this at one time – even wrote the GMAT.

Moolanomy wrote about a scam chimney sweeping service that was “working” his neighbourhood.  This post would fit right in with our scams/frauds category.

ABCs of Investing wrote about an investment policy statement

Preet answer the question which I’ve often wondered – what if the entire market was indexed?  Would active investors then have a chance?

Financial Blogger says you don’t have to know anything to make money on the stock market.  This is true but you also don’t have to know anything to lose money either.

The Oblivious Investor covers asset allocation and life expectancy.

Good Financial Cents had a very interesting post about a pro football player asking Suze Orman for financial advice.  It’s nice to hear about an NFL player who is actually in pretty good financial shape (and hasn’t been arrested).

Thicken My Wallets want to know – do you volunteer?  I don’t but maybe I should.

Canadian Capitalist reported on the Ontario sales tax transition benefit.  I’ll be lining up for this one.


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Thanks for the link. Interesting sign of the times, I am not sure two bloggers would have done some navel gazing about obtaining a MBA 12-18 months ago. This is not an unwelcome development though.

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