LinkStuff – “No Beer” Diet Edition

I’ve started a new diet.  Long time readers will recall I went through a diet phase a couple of years ago.  At that time I went from about 200 pounds down to around 180 pounds.  Unfortunately, my weight crept back up to around 191 lbs, so I decided it was time to get the diet going again.

The changes I’ve made are:

  1. No snacks after dinner.  I love late night snacks, but they just aren’t necessary.
  2. Less dinner.  I normally eat a large portion and then have seconds.  Now I’m going to eat a smaller portion (but not tiny) and no seconds.

Where does the “no beer” come into play?  Simply put, I like drinking beer.  As of a couple of weeks ago, I’m not going to allow myself any beer at all, until I weigh below 180 lbs for three consecutive days.  This is going to be tough, but as I’ve found out – beer can be a very powerful motivator.

Unlike last time, my goal is to lose some weight and then keep it off.  Once I get below 180 lbs, I can eat or drink anything I like.  However, I will keep weighing myself daily and if I hit 180 lbs or higher – the “no beer” diet starts all over again.  I won’t be able to drink any beer until I weigh less than 180 lbs for three consecutive days.

So far it’s going well – I decided to start the diet just after Christmas, since I was so sick I was hardly eating anything anyway.  🙂  I’m down to 184.5 which is a great start.  6.5 pounds lost in three weeks.

Negative reaction to my guest post last week

Last week I wrote about Why low interest rates are a good thing over at Million Dollar Journey. Flexo from Consumerism Commmentary didn’t like the post.  In fact he said:

This is a crazy argument.

Actually, I thought my argument was reasonably intelligent.  Oh well, I guess you can’t please everyone!

On with the links

Rob Carrick came up with a 2-minute portfolio and says the results are pretty good.  The idea of the portfolio is to buy Canadian stocks in each sector, which will provide much better diversification and therefor less risk, compared to a broad index.

Boomer & Echo had a pretty good list of gifts that keep on taking.

Canada Mortgage News says that the banks are not calculating mortgage termination penalties fairly.

Financial Uproar delivers a typically humerous post about why he isn’t buying any more investment real estate.  He also reveals his wedding plans.

Today’s Economy had a good piece on retirement planning scare mongering.

Canadian Capitalist revisits David Trahair’s investment recommendations and finds that they completely suck.

Michael James sent away for a credit report and found a number of errors.

A post for bloggers:  Giveaway contests are a waste of money.

A few more links

13 replies on “LinkStuff – “No Beer” Diet Edition”

No beer? No beer?! NO BEER!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?
I just don’t drink beer on weekends.
Late night snacks disturb sleep so I don’t eat those.

Sorry about your no beer, if it wasn’t obvious.
(and I love low interest rates, however, my close to or now retired parents are feeling the pain of these historically low rates on some of their fixed investments)

Geez man, no pints? Can you not at least go to a light beer?
Hearing about a grown man cutting off beer is almost blasphemy.

Kidding aside, good luck on your objective – you gotta do what you gotta do.

Have a good weekend!

Since our daughter was born I actually don’t drink too much anymore (can’t go to the pub for dinner anymore). And since she started eating the same food as us we found ourselves cooking more and eating better too. So, both my wife and I have lost a lot of weight over the past year…and I agree, diet is more effective than exercise.

Sounds like you’re just about there anyways. You should change your rules to allow yourself a beer only after a Leafs win. Might only have to buy one case 🙂

Thanks a lot for the link, and have a great weekend!

Thanks for the mention. I have to avoid eating after about 8:00 to avoid gaining weight, but the only way I can do this is to make sure I eat enough at dinner. Good luck with the diet.

@ Echo Hey! The Leafs are red hot lately!

Thanks for the mention Mike. I’m not sure what’s going on with my Russian bride though. I keep sending her money and she keeps not coming over. What do you suppose the problem could be? I blame the Russian mafia.

@CC – Flexo is a pretty bright guy. I think he just didn’t read my post well enough. Which of course, you should do if you are going to write a rebuttal.

Maybe you can have a celebratory beer once you hit your target weight 🙂

Wow, you’re losing a lot of weight fast! If you stay away from the refined carbs, I’m sure you’ll be down to 180 in no time.

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