LinkStuff – Ready For Spring Edition

Ok, it’s official – I’m tired of winter and can’t wait for Spring and Summer.

On with the links

Beating the Index had a great analysis of oil in the Middle East and Canadian oil producers.

The Globe & Mail wrote about helping people with agricultural, rather than just giving them food.

Dianne Nice from the Globe & Mail has 6 tips for helping your child learn about money.

Financial Uproar wrote a great post about the beginning of the end for Walmart.

Canadian Financial wonders if the 4% retirement withdrawal rule is all that safe.

Oblivious Investor looks at How much money should I save per year for retirement.

Retire Happy blog says you might need a million dollars to retire, or you might not.

Canadian Capitalist highlights some notes from Berkshire Hathaway annual report.

Boomer and Echo asks Where do you get your financial information?

Larry MacDonald says that Ethanol subsidies are making him hungry.

Tom Drake wrote about Canadian Tax Software Options

Michael James explains why low income people should file tax returns.

Million Dollar Journey’s net worth just keeps going up.

Carnival of Personal Finance

More links

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The Best Airline Miles Credit Cards
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6 replies on “LinkStuff – Ready For Spring Edition”

Thanks for the mention Mike! I can’t wait for Spring either, mostly because they won’t get started on my house until it stops freezing over night.

Have a great weekend!

I spent the whole week shoveling again! I guess I’d rather have that than earthquakes, civil unrest and disasters. Who needs a million anyway! Thanks for the mention, Mike!

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