LinkStuff – Sandy Edition

I hope everyone survived the recent bad weather resulting from Hurricane Sandy.  Luckily in the Toronto area, we were spared most of the effects and just had a bit of extra rain.

The New York stock exchange was closed for two days this week because of the weather and my friend Alexandra Macqueen who wrote the excellent Pensionize Your Nest Egg book, commented that it was closed because of too much liquidity.

Stock exchange liquidity refers to the ability to easily sell securities on the exchange and since there were lots of liquids involved in the shutdown….ok, maybe you had to be there.

On with the links

Here is a story about a mom who is considering spending $1,500 on a double stroller.  And I’m sure her RRSP & RESP are maxed out…

Here is a funny article about why statisticians make lousy investment clients.  Some good lessons about “safe” retirement withdrawal rates. 

Congrats to Tim at Canadian Dream who just paid off his mortgage at age 34.  If you are only going to do one good thing financially – paying off the mortgage would be my #1 choice.  And don’t go to any open houses either…

Robb from Boomer & Echo discusses why he made a major career change.

Mike Piper discusses retirement planning with no kids.

Michael James explains why he is too lazy to fill out the MPAC house assessment reconsideration form.  😉

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Being too lazy to run around my house to measure all the rooms is definitely part of it, but the other part is that it’s likely that my property taxes would go up instead of down.

I’m invested in balanced mutual funds and am concerned about the strong possibility of another downturn that could affect my assets to the degee they were as a result of the 2008 downturn. I rely on my nest egg for income and am looking for something more secure but that will continue to provide income at the levels I currently enjoy. Do you have any ideas on how to restructure?

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