LinkStuff – Saturday Night Edition


179.0 pounds.  I did well this week – went running 3 times and observed a fairly strict diet (ie no late night snacks).

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Brip Blap wrote a great post about working from home with kids.  Normally I would give a sarcastic “good luck” and roll my eyes for several minutes, but he sounds like he might be able to make it happen.

Money Grubbing Lawyer got into the Xmas spirit early this year (at least he waited until Dec.) with a great how to write a letter to Santa.  Very enjoyable.

Money Ning says that investing in stocks this year (or any year) was not a mistake.

Million Dollar Journey had a neat post on frugal billionaires.  I don’t think I would be all that frugal if I were a billionaire.  Some of the Richie Rich’s mentioned seem to be still working pretty hard so they don’t have time for shopping and vacations.

CrackerJack Greenback (great name) wrote about the merits and risks of having a 100% equity portfolio.

Clever Dude had an interesting post on the big three Detroit car companies called did Detroit oversell?

Blunt Money had a post on re-gifting rules.  I like the one about not re-gifting any gifts that you haven’t inspected.  A camera box might not contain a camera, but rather some Christmas cake for example.

My Two Dollar has 5 tips for optimizing credit card rewards.

Financial Blogger tells a story about how he worked his way out of a financial problem.

Squawkfox has come up with a very useful and frugal idea – 6 printable holiday gift tags, Christmas cards, thank you notes and greeting cards.

Canadian Capitalist did a TFSA FAQ.  If you are Canadian, over 18 and have some cash then check it out!

The Intelligent Speculator wrote about the French sovereign wealth fund.

Investing School has 25 ways to spend time during the financial crisis.  #3 Turn on tv parental control – Switch it on and block the financial channels.

ABCs of Investing explains what exchange traded funds are.  What is market cap?


Carnival of personal finance was hosted by Might Bargain Hunter.

Carnival of Financial Planning.

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@guinness416 You sound tall. 😀 Go ahead, tower over Mike. 😀

I’m only 5’7″. But people think I’m taller ’cause I have a “tall personality.” 😀

@Four Pillars Naw, 5 foot at 179 is not really tiny.

My “better half” was 6’1″ and 230 pounds when I met him. Now he’s 167 pounds. I think I left him in the dryer too long. :/

Belated thanks for the link, and yes, a LITTLE eye-rolling would be appropriate – I’m still operating at something like 70% peak efficiency while working at home with the kids. But I find they have reacted well to my daily morning status meetings and monthly personnel reviews with them… 🙂

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