LinkStuff – Spring Is Here (Again)

Spring is finally here and it’s so much easier to do activities outside with the kids.  Mitts, hats, scarves, heavy coats, winter boots can all go into storage.  Of course my daughter still insists on a hat and gloves, but I think it’s more of a fashion thing. 🙂

On with the links

Rob Carrick did a fantastic piece on inflation, where he explains why the official inflation rate differs from our personal inflation.

Lily from Explore For a Year, did something I’ve always wanted to not do: 10 day silence meditation. Sounds like an interesting experience.

Holy Potato did a good analysis on buying REITs vs Rental Condo. Read the comments to get my opinion.

Retire Happy shows how net income should be used for retirement planning.

Blunt Bean Counter did a good two part series on an estate executor’s duties.    Here is part 1 and part 2.   A third post is in the works.

According to the Bank Nerd – the Canadian economy is not as dependent on the US economy as much as previously thought.

Michael James has figured out a way to avoid Westjet baggage fees. And he suspects he isn’t the only one.

Boomer and Echo says that credit card interest rates are irrelevant.

Canadian Capitalist reported on the Horizons BetaPro US Dollar Currency ETF.

Million Dollar Journey wrote about Financial advice and financial quackery.

Some American links


6 replies on “LinkStuff – Spring Is Here (Again)”

Spring may be here but we needed the shovel in Alberta for the dump of snow that came last night! Thanks for including me Mike. always appreciated!

Thanks for the link Mike! I put my shovel away too, only to wake up to a foot of snow this morning. Sadly after all that hard work shovelling, the snow melted later in the day. I should have just slept in this morning and none of that would have happened 🙂

Thanks for the mention Mike! I can’t believe how quickly spring sprung here: I was out in shorts on the weekend, and earlier last week it was snowing!

@Jim – Time to hit the slopes!

@Echo – Now you know for next time.

@Potato – Yes, the weather has been up and down in Toronto as well.

@Mark – Thanks.

@Lily – Glad you enjoyed the meditation.

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