LinkStuff – Sub-180 Edition

I’ve managed to meet my weight goal of staying under 180 pounds for the last three weeks. I’ve always been able to lose weight quite easily, but keeping it off is the hard part.

I am determined to keep going with this lighter weight!

On with the links

Financial Uproar had a great post about the fact that he’s not a dividend or anti-dividend investor. He just wants to own best stocks. Oh, and you can find out what he looks like here.

Glenn Cooke from InsureCan has a great primer on disability insurance plans. I need to look into my plan.

The New York Times talks about the annuity puzzle where people who should buy annuities – don’t.

Boomer & Echo shows how to add gold to your portfolio.

My Own Advisor took some notes from his meeting with investment guru Larry Swedroe.

Canadian Capitalist says that Burt Malkiel gives contradictory advice. Malkiel wrote “Random Walk Down Wall Street” which is one of the couch potato bibles.

Today’s Economy wrote about buying an expensive house and losing his frugality. He also had a great tip about using mulch to help with emergency landscaping. I’ve done that in the past.

I always thought of the CRA as this jolly, benevolent sort who lives near the North Pole. According to the Blunt Bean Counter, that is not the case: report all your income!

The Oblivious Investor explains why he doesn’t overweight small-cap or value stocks, even though the empirical evidence suggests it might be a good idea.

Michael James says that sticking to your investment plan is more important than having the perfect plan. Couldn’t agree more.

Tamara Baluja of the Globe & Mail says that Canadians are more in debt than Americans with a debt-to-disposable income of 147%. I’m not sure what their definition of disposable income is but 147% doesn’t sound that bad, since it includes mortgages.

Million Dollar Journey covered some major stock market indices. A very good primer.

A few more links

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I’ve got one of those scales that gives a body fat measurement. I’m more concerned with this than my weight. I don’t mind extra weight if it’s muscle. Thanks for the mention.

This is a great lineup of stories… look like I have something to read this weekend. In the past few weeks, with how the market is going, investings a topic I’ve been trying to read up more on — debating almost pulling out of the market, and waiting till it hits its bottom (again), and re-buy.

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