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LinkStuff – US Election

Last week saw Barrack Obama re-elected as president of the US.  I can’t claim to fully understand the US government system, but the fact that the Republicans still hold a fair bit of power means that there will likely be a lot of conflict over the next four years rather than good governance.  It appears that their current power distribution is similar to Canada if there is a minority government in place.

On with the links

Rob Carrick of the Globe & Mail wrote a very good article called Three smarts ways to find a discount brokerage.  Rob was nice enough to include a couple of my articles, but that’s not why it is a good read.  His main advice is to use multiple sources of information on discount brokerages.  Here is a different link to the article if the first one is behind a paywall.

Rob from Canadian Mortgage Trends wrote about some differences between US and Canadian housing markets.  He’s not suggesting that the housing market in Canada won’t crash, but it’s important to note that there are some significant differences.

Ben Rabidoux has one of the better arguments as to why Canadian house prices will fall.  Now if he could just provide a timeline for that fall….

 Mike from Oblivious Investor has a very good piece on what to do about low interest rates?

Robb from Boomer & Echo compared some free chequing accounts.

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Hey, for once the ‘Rob’s’ outnumber the ‘Mike’s’ online.

Very nice mentions in Carrick’s post, Mike. Your ETF buy-sell posts are a great resource.

Thanks for the mention!

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