Looking for a Good Woman

SWM seeks a good woman who:

  • Knows how to keep books, do taxes, and earns a good income
  • Knowledge of Canadian investment or real estates laws and taxation rules would be a plus
  • Can manage rental property duties such as:  screening tenants, small repairs, renovation estimates, managing contractors, rough property appraisals, negotiations, etc
  • Lives frugally, doesn’t like expensive food, vacations or entertainment
  • Ideally owns an extensive investment portfolio and / or real estate

Please include pictures of the real estate and copies of your portfolio holdings when you contact Mr. Cheap at

22 replies on “Looking for a Good Woman”

If she has all that, what does she need you for?

A needy man is a pitiful sight. Good blog, but it took a wierd twist (for the worse) with this post.

Sorry Mr. Cheap, I’m taken!

Actually, I love vacations and the pictures of my real estate investments are not something I’d brag about! 😉

Very funny post – Best of luck!

Hahaha Mr Cheap you always have the best whacky blog posts. You forgot that she has to agree with your frugal wedding idea (is the link here or on the old blog?). Good luck I am sure she is out there somewhere!

Mr. C – we should just repost that post here (and maybe some of the other missing ones?).

That one is a classic.

Yeah, I keep thinking I should try to “save” the lost posts… I’m worried about duplicates getting added or messing up Q44P though!

We should add a new category “Mr. Cheap’s Love Life” 😉

Thanks again for having me over last night, it was loads of fun! I forgot to take the “Little Book of Value Investing” (I’d intended to). I’ll get it next time though.

No problem!

As for the posts – if you can identify them and there aren’t too many – I think manually reposting is fine…maybe early on a Sat morning or something.


I’d give you a lead, but she’s already taken, we’re getting married next summer 🙂

(Except she really likes expensive food, she just doesn’t eat much of it, but she does add sexy to the equation)

If you were REALLY cheap, you’d be looking to share a woman, not have one all of your own.

(Re relationships and money: My younger sister, the big beauty in the family and about the least frugal person in the western world, has a big thing for tradesmen. Self sufficient, work with their hands, dirty, all that. Every time there’s a new fella, he falls over himself to update my parents’ and siblings’ flooring/landscaping/lighting/plumbing/etc just to impress. My folks claim they’ve increased their home value and saved more money through my sister’s taste in men than they have through any amount of investing …)

Guinness: Capital idea! I’m about as far from a tradesman as you can get (my ex-girlfriend used to always comment on how soft my hands are, I told her its from avoiding work like the plague)

Telly: Any chance your husband would be interested in living a “reverse Mormon” lifestyle? 😉

Ah, this was excellent. Best of luck, Mr. Cheap!

Guinness: Your sister is a genius! If she could just live more frugally and buy her own house, they could fix that up instead. There’s got to be a book in there somewhere…Dating for Fun and Profit? [googles frantically] Damn. Already taken.

Cheap, nice try – no way I’m sharing my sexy handyman! 😉

Seriously though, I think she’s out there. I always tell all my single friends, “Be picky, you’re worth it”. 🙂

Dude, you have some really weird tastes and the fact of the matter is any girl who sees your list of qualifications will probably roll their eyes. Granted you want a girl who isn’t high maintenance, but asking for someone who “doesn’t like expensive food, vacations or entertainment” makes it sound like you want someone willing to live horribly. Everyone enjoys fine dining, vacations and entertainment – its a matter of keeping the costs within a budget. Why on earth would any girl go with a guy who doesn’t want them to like these things??

Your “ad” just reeks of warning signs. Basically it tells someone that “I don’t have a lot of money, I don’t think I will ever have a lot of money, I live cheap and want a girl who lives cheap and doesn’t like any pleasures that cost money.”

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