Monday, August 31 LinkStuff – End of Summer?

First up – Rob Carrick wrote a post in the Globe and Mail where he talks about 7 good deals in investing and lo and behold – Questrade discount brokerage is one of them.  I couldn’t agree more – cheap trades are cheap trades.  If you are paying any more for trades then you are throwing money away…. As I mentioned recently if you are a former Questrade customer and want to return without paying transfer fees then check out my post – Heading home to Questrade to find out the details.  Check out the article for yourself to find out what else Rob recommends (I agree with all of them) along the best recommendations of Canadian Capitalist, Million Dollar Journey and Larry MacDonald.

On with the top links

Million Dollar Journey had a post called “flipping houses for profit“.  I would have thought the proper title would be “flipping houses for FUN and profit”. 🙂   Flipping houses is tough if you aren’t in a rising real estate market.  In fact I think it’s pretty close to impossible to make a decent return on your money by doing this.

Preet is giving away a pretty good book.   Check out the contest page to find out the details.

Moolanomy had a pretty good post on how to sell your house fast.  Some great advice here.

Canadian Capitalist wrote about the Fraser Institute and the “average family”.  I’ve often wondered about Fraser Institute – they don’t seem to be very unbiased.

The rest of the links

ABCs of Investing wrote about investment real return.

BMM just bought a HUGE tv and has some advice about saving money when buy electronics or other high priced items.

The Financial Blogger reveals 10 professions that are still in demand.

Personal Finance by the Book compares traditional IRA or Roth IRA – which is better?

Cash Money Life tells all in Cash For Clunkers Appliances – rebates for appliances.

Good Financial Cents explains how to become a certified financial planner.


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BMM just bought a HUGE tv and has some advice about >>saving money when buy electronics or other high priced items.<<

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