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Every once in a while I like to showcase a new or “newish” blog that I really like and I don’t think a lot of my readers know about.  This time I’m talking about Tough Money Love.  I really like this American blog because the auther is very opiniated.  Too many blogs are just plain boring – they write for search engines, they compile lists of ways to save money on groceries….boring, boring, boring!  TML tells it like it is and doesn’t mind if he offends a few people on the way.


182 pounds.  I didn’t exercise as much last week since I was out of town for several days eating, eating and eating….

Rest of the links

Ron from the The Wisdom Journal had a post on the Canadian banking system which is the soundest in the world.  His description of US investment banks was priceless:

…US banks, which operate like a mix between a Wild West cowboy, a suckling piglet, a guy who wants to sell you a Rolex from the trunk of his car, and a two year old throwing a fit while screaming “MINE! MINE! MINE!”

Canadian Capitalist says that recent numbers indicate that managed funds don’t do well in bear markets either.

Million Dollar Journey has 7 financial tips for newlyweds.

Preet is a financial advisor no longer!

Financial Blogger talks about big bailout money.

PFN and stuff

Money Ning says if you have time for a shower, you have time for personal finance.

Clever Dude has some ways to cut down on your food bill.

Blunt Money worries about rationalizing purchases – yes, I have that problem too!

Squawkfox wants to know what are your 3 best purchases?

The Intelligent Speculator says that even Buffet is taking a beating in the markets with BRK.

Investing School explains earnings per share (EPS).

ABCs of Investing wrote about investment diversification and timing the stock market.

The Credit Toolbox says to ask for a line of credit.


The Skilled Investor hosted the Carnival of Financial Planning.

Carnival of Money Hacks was hosted by Taking Charge.

Carnival of Personal Finance was hosted by Sun’s Financial Diary.

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Hmm, my last blog post was titled Shevy, Rationalizing!

I really do see the value in having a functional bathroom and not having to pay for it until January 2010. But I don’t like adding to our debt load with that $500 odd. But the bathroom won.

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