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First off – Nicolas – one of our loyal readers asked me to start publishing my weight again – a great idea since I’ve gained a couple of pounds since I stopped – right now I am 182 pounds.  I’d like to be at 175 but I haven’t been working very hard towards this goal.

On with the links!

I’ve been meaning to highlight “The Personal Financier” for a while since it is such a great blog but for now – just read How can they possibly afford that?

Triaging My Way To Financial Success wrote a very funny piece admitting that he is addicted to dividends.

Last week had a lot of excitement in the US – “bailout fever” – there were a lot of great posts as a result.

The Wisdom Journal explains what really happened in the mortgage meltdown.

The Amateur Asset Allocator says that moving to cash now might be a big mistake.

David from MyTwoDollars wrote a great post asking why the US doesn’t have universal health care – the comments are a great read as well.  I too can’t understand why the US doesn’t cover all its citizens.

Million Dollar Journey wrote a post called 8 essential baby toys – needless to say, anything with respect to babies will generate some debate.

Where Does All My Money Go wrote about funds with mers over 8% – can these even be legal?

The Financial Blogger says that most investors are home biased.

PFN Network

Squawkfox is recovering from knee surgery so her hubby wrote an interesting post – How to buy a beginner digital camera.

Canadian Capitalist did a great book review of Unconventional Success written by David Swenson who runs the legendary Yale endowment fund.  I’m definitely going to be reading this book!

Blunt Money reports that paying in cash is headline news.

Clever Dude came up with a very clever quote – and comment on how to teach your kids.

Money Ning is having a contest for Starbucks gift cards – check it out!

8 replies on “Monday LinkStuff”

Thanks for the mention Mike!

You say you’re not “Addicted” but just wait a few years. I think that Cheap is well on his way and you’re just in a denial phase (haha).

Thanks for the mention Mike, and I cannot figure out why we don’t have universal health care either. I mean, look at how bad you “socialists” have it! 😉

You know, of all the things to get patriotically fired up about, I find health insurance to be a really odd one. Health care is important but the flag waving that seems to come with the “debate” is bizarre.

I’ve used both the US and Canuck health systems (and the Irish too, for that matter). They all suck in different ways. I miss having a doctor who was available more than 4 hours a day, and knwoing if he moved I could just sign on next door. But I’m very glad that my coverage isn’t dependant on staying gainfully employed, and that we’re not playing “spot the small print in your sixth insurance documents in six years!” any more.

Stay healthy, people.

Nicolas – yes, it helps for people with like-minded goals to stick together.

Brad – you might be right!

David – exactly, our system isn’t perfect but it is better than the American one. I think the US gov’t should focus on improving the health system rather than trying to come up with the “perfect” system.

Guinness – I too like the fact that you don’t need a good job to have health coverage.

CC – mmm…cash sounds pretty darn good right about now!!

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