Mr. Cheap and Four Pillars are Joining Forces!

Welcome to the new blog! Mr. Cheap & Four Pillars have decided to team up and publish from one blog instead of two. Why are we doing such a crazy thing? Mainly because we want to keep blogging for a long time and judging from the number of blogs that come and go, it appears that posting on a regular basis for any significant length of time is a tough thing to do. Looking around the Canadian personal finance blog world it appears that there are only two blogs (Canadian Capitalist and Canadian Financial Stuff), which have been posting five times a week for longer than a year.

The other reason is for variety, having two different posters plus the odd guest poster should add a lot more experience and expertise to post from which should result in a better product for our readers.

The scheduled posts will remain the same for the blog – one new post every weekday morning with the occasional bonus post now and then.

You’ll notice the new title of the blog which reflects both of our old blogs as well as the new theme. If you’re thinking the theme looks a bit familiar it’s because it’s the same one as used by Canadian Capitalist. It would have been nice to find a theme that was more original but it really is a good theme!

Feel free to let us know what you think!

20 replies on “Mr. Cheap and Four Pillars are Joining Forces!”

Hey, where’s little Stewart ? Bring him back 😉
Seriously, does it mean that I can cancel “Financial Security Quest” from my morning routine?

Whoa, we see merger in acquisition in blog now! Good luck to you two!

Yay! Two of my favourite bloggers joining forces! I’m looking forward to it.

P.S. I think MDJ has been consistent with 5 posts / week for a year too.

Thanks Telly!

I checked MDJ’s archives and it looks like his first post was Dec 6, 2006, so not a year yet although I have no doubt he’ll get there!


FT, your blog was the 1st I picked up on, it seems like it’s been longer than a year (I mean that in a good way of course :)).

Great idea! Its easy for one person to run out of gas blogging. You can always change the theme, name etc. later. You can also add more “staff” if that makes sense. Loyal readers will follow.


Great Idea, but I’m wondering how much you paid for Mr.Cheap’s blog ‘FSQ’? I hope it was a friendly take-over and I hope Mr.Cheap got a premium on the ‘FSQ’ share price.

I’ve never really understood the obsession with posting 5 times a week. I think people follow my blog and I post when I feel like it. I don’t fee pressure to post every day….

MG: I think with the consistency its easier for people to think “oh, gee, I’ll go read X today!”. If the posts only appear occasionally, its too easy for them to not see a new post a few times, then stop coming back.

I think a blog could run well posting 3 times a week (on set days), or once per week (on the same day each week), but if its totally variable schedule it’d be pretty tough to keep readers unless what you were writing was VERY good (Paul Graham is about the only person who posts infrequently that I follow).

I have to disagree with you MrC. By the way are you saying that you don’t follow my blog?

I just bookmark the blogs I like and check in every once in a while, not necessarily daily. I would rather someone post better, more meaningful posts infrequently than to feel they need to post every day which probably will affect the quality of their posts.

Bottom line for me is that I started my blog for two audiences, myself, and everyone else. I use my blog for record keeping and looking back at why I did certain things and what I was thinking. If I have 10 people reading my blog I’m happy.

I do read your blog, but as you may have noticed, I don’t comment very often (because most of the time I read the posts a few days after they’ve been posted).

By the way are you saying that my posts are low quality? 😉

I don’t think I could “save up” all my quality and put it into a smaller number of posts. My “high notes” are probably similar whether I post more or less often (and in fact, people have often responded most positively to things that I’ve dashed off quickly then things I’ve mulled over for a long time).

To each their own. Mike and I feel that 5 posts a week have value and we’ve taken action to try to make sure we can sustain that.

I agree, and good luck to you.

BTW, I always like your posts….

I don’t really understand why reading the posts a few days after they’ve been posted would not allow you to comment though…

MG – you have a good point about the need to post five times a week. I think (blame?) Canadian Capitalist for starting that trend – since his blog is so successful then everyone else follows suit.

When I started the blog I thought I would be happy as long as a few people read/commented on the blog but I have to admit that increasing traffic is quite addictive.


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