Baby Expenses

New Baby and Newborn Hospital Costs

Last week we welcomed our baby daughter into the world. She is quite healthy, happy (in a screaming, crying sort of way) and cute as a button. Mom, Dad and big brother are all doing quite well except for a lack of sleep which will hopefully go away in a few years. 🙂

Hospital costs for the new baby

I decided to keep track of the costs incurred during hospital visit. Our total cost for the three night stay (c-section) was $424. Here is a breakdown:

  • Parking – $144
  • Pharmacy costs (diapers etc) – $55
  • Cafeteria – $35
  • Rooms – $150. The rooms are actually $260 per night but my employer insurance covers $210 of that so our cost was $50 per night.
  • Gas – I made a lot of trips between home and hospital so I estimate the cost at $40.

The diet

Ok, enough about the baby already – what about Mike’s diet you are undoubtedly asking? Diet went well – I managed to eat pretty healthy and avoid the junk food. It was interesting remembering the kind of items I was buying two years ago when my son was born – a lot of coffee, donuts, two bite brownies, cream soups etc. This time it was much healthier foods and I think I felt a lot better for it.


Carnival of Personal Finance #145 was hosted at Million Dollar Journey who ironically did a “Baby Education Edition”.

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Reading this sort of post makes me so thankful that we have free healthcare in the UK. When I had my twins I had a massive amount of scans, and at the birth I had a consultant, a doctor, two pediatricians and three midwives. Goodness knows how much that woudl have cost! I guess I did pay ?6000 for my fertility treatment but I could have just held on and crossed my fingers….

Our total cost for the three night stay (c-section) was $424

Parking and caf food costs are expected I guess, but I was naive enough to assume that giving birth in a hospital in this country was free — it’s raising the kid that costs a fortune.

Congratulations! Your life will never be the same. Hold them tight, they grow up fast. My oldest just turned 13. It seems like yesterday I was holding her in the hospital.

Best Wishes,

Yay Fifth Pillar! Way to go! Always happy to hear about the new people. Hopefully I’ll be adding another one in the near future too. At the rate you Canadians are reproducing soon there will be almost as many Canadians as there are North Dakotans, right?


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