Linkstuff – Future Disgusting Post Edition

Busy week here at MSB with posts every day. Next week will be a bit lighter since Monday is a holiday, however I will be publishing the last post from the “tenant from hell” trilogy. The last post is very much on the disgusting side and I’ve changed my mind several times about whether it is appropriate for the blog or not. It would be easy not to publish it, but on the other hand the “tenant from hell” posts are a good reminder that real estate investing is not always so “passive”.

I’ve been on a bit of a writing holiday myself, since I’m finishing up a pretty big project which I’ll be announcing near the end of September or early October.

On with the links

Sad story about a mother who is suing her kids for support even though she allegedly abandoned them. The story profiles one of the sons, and is worth reading just to see how he made out.

In Search of Salt has some very good negotiation strategies.

Michael James makes an excellent observation that equal billing plans encourage increased consumption.

Canadian Financial DIY wrote a book review on William Bernstein’s latest book the Investor’s Manifesto.  He thinks it’s good, but not great.

Squawkfox had a great idea for microwaving popcorn in a paper bag. We’ll be trying this one.

The Financial Blogger has taken over the Dividend Guy blog. I’m sad that Jeremy won’t be blogging there anymore, but hopefully the acquisition will pay dividends for Mike. You can win an iPod touch by commenting on the linked post.

Million Dollar Journey says that rental applicants have declined in quality because of looser lending standards. A very interesting idea and I tend to believe it.

Canadian Capitalist says give yourself a financial education. A great message.

Preet is giving away an iPad, a gold coin, and a spork! Not sure what a spork is? Go find out.

Larry MacDonald says that special offers from financial institutions are not worth the hassle.

Mike from the The Financial Blogger talks about improving his newsletter. Go and sign up now. I’m thinking of starting a newsletter as well.  I hope Mike signs up for it.

For any bloggers out there – learn how to create useful and positive titles that people want to read.

8 replies on “Linkstuff – Future Disgusting Post Edition”


What a great law link that was about the evil mother suing her kids for support. What a leech!


I got two scenarios figured out for the disgusting post… Either it goes viral or you get serious hate mail from your readers 🙂

We’ll see

Thanks. Alot of good links. Especially the one about the parent suing kids. I knew about the law and posted on it several months back (link below) but never knew of anyone actually applying it. Interesting that the BC Attorney General thinks the law should be abolished yet the comments section to the article is filled with people chastizing the kids for wanting to dump their financial problems onto to taxpayers.

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