Nice Weather Edition of Linkstuff April 27

Some great weather this weekend – it is a bit rainy today but yesterday was just fantastic (until the hurricane at dinner time).  We went down the beach and hung out for a few hour – a great day.

Best post of the week

Kristy from Master Your Card works in a bank and she shares the two times that she was robbed – it’s a pretty good read!  Most of the blogosphere is filled with posts where the author doesn’t have any direct experience with the topic so it’s nice to read a first hand account of a relatively rare phenomenon.

Another great post

Hunter Nutall has a very interesting blog where he writes about a lot of different topics and his thoughts on them – this post on specialization (specialization is for insects) was quite fascinating (and not just because he linked to this blog).  If you like your blogs to have an element of intellectualism about them (in which case why are you here?) then I would suggest subscribing to his blog.

The rest of the links

Blunt Money inspired Mrs. Pillars to act on some long overdue tasks with ready or not, here I come.

Preet tells us about a dealership that doesn’t want to sell cars that badly.

Financial Blogger talks about how to start investing.

The Oblivious Investor discusses why to own bonds.

Money Ning shows us how to use a disciplined approach to evaluate our spending patterns.

Good Financial Cents shows us how to stretch an inherited IRA for our beneficiaries.

Million Dollar Journey asks do you plan to leave anything behind?

Canadian Capitalist alerts us to a little-known fact with beware of CRA’s defiinition of foreign property.

The Intelligent Speculator wonders if McDonald’s will deal a blow to Tim Hortons.

Investing School discusses credit rating agencies and credit rating.

ABCs of Investing wrote about the Transfer In Cash.


The Carnival of Personal Finance was hosted by the Mighty Bargain Hunter.

3 replies on “Nice Weather Edition of Linkstuff April 27”

“If you like your blogs to have an element of intellectualism about them (in which case why are you here?)”

I laughed at this part. A little self-deprecating humor now and then can be a good thing. And the irony is that it takes some intellectualism to write something like that.

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