Nice Weather Edition Of LinkStuff

Another great weather weekend here in Toronto.   I don’t think it has rained in a couple of years and the temperatures have been great!

The links

Canadian Capitalist asks if your portfolio has broken even? The media often focuses on how far off the stock indexes are from their highs which isn’t a very accurate gauge for your portfolio.

Million Dollar Journey has 8 ways to simplify Christmas.

Preet will allow you to interview the CEO of ING Direct Canada.

Financial Blogger has an MBA definition.

The Dividend Guy says don’t buy a dividend stock just because of the DRIP.

The Intelligent Speculator wonders if the worst is yet to come for emerging countries.

American stuff

Cash Money Life has “discovered” a 12 month zero percent balance transfer card.  These used to be more common but 6 months is now the norm.

Moolanomy has the 2010 Roth IRA conversion rules.

Personal Finance by the Book outlines the new rules for credit cards.

BMM reports that the first time home buyers tax credit will be extended by 6 months.


Carnival of Financial Planning

Personal Finance New Carnival

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“discovered.” I love it! It’s a great card though, and a good option for those looking to transfer a balance. glad you had some great weather this weekend. We had a beautiful Saturday, but a rainy Sunday… Such is life. 🙂

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