Quest For Carnivals

Link, links and more links…

The BagLady had quite a post this week – if anyone out there has been through potty training their kid (I haven’t) then feel free to comment on this one. On an unrelated note – check out her sitemeter stats for the last month.

Canadian Dream did a bit of an expose on his recent history – incredible story if you ask me.

Becoming Cheap was featured in the 96th Festival of Frugality hosted by Fire Finance. This post was also featured by Rocket Finance as well as My Good Cents.

Rental Income vs. Property Value made the grade at TwoWiseAcres – a rather funny real estate blog. They also posted this article which shows what can happen when two bloggers try to share a blog 🙂 .

Getting Fired was hi-lighted by Brip Blap who liked Mr. Cheap’s analogy regarding firings.

The Dividend Guy had a book contest and guess what? I was lucky enough to win a book in the second contest in a row! Me open library any day now!!

Mighty Bargain Hunter included Recession Investing in the Carnival of Personal Finance #122 with a clever Dr. Suess theme.

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