Questrade Referral Promotion

Questrade discount brokerage in Canada has a new referral program where you get $50 worth of trades if you are referred by another customer. The basic program has been around for a while but they have improved the referral process.

Lowest Stock Trading Commissions!

Feel free to use this link when you fill out the application. For other bloggers feel free to sign up for the referral program and of course use “dc988dd9” as the referrer ID.

You can see what I wrote a while ago about Questrade here.

Why I like using Questrade for trading stocks and exchange traded funds

I use Questrade for my non-registered leveraged account as well my rrsp and I’m quite happy with them. My attitude about brokers is that their service is a commodity in that they all do the same thing – they convert your money into shares and vice-versa so the only variable as far as I’m concerned is the cost. As a low cost investor I want the lowest fees and for my situation, Questrade has the lowest fees.

Questrade also deals with mutual funds -they will rebate up to 1% of the management fee back to the investor.  Read more about the Questrade mutual fund rebate.

The minimum to open an account is $1000. The minimum to keep an account active is only $250.

My suggestions on which discount broker to use:

If you are looking to do a lot of rrsp “wash trades” then Questrade and TDW are your best bet. A wash trade is when you sell a US$ security in your rrsp, it gets converted to CDN$ (and you pay a currency conversion on it), and then you buy a US$ security and you pay the currency conversion again. They do not charge for the conversions in this case.

If you are looking for a discount broker that offers a lot of extras like fancy graphs and research then you should stick with the big banks. But consider that for $29/trade (if you don’t have $100k) you are paying a $24 premium per trade for that extra research, bells, whistles etc. Even if you only do 10 trades per year that’s $240 per year. There is a lot of research available for free on the internet and $240 will buy quite a bit of the paid research (or a lot of beer).

If you are looking for more information on mutual funds, index funds and ETFs then sign up for a Morningstar free account.  Morningstar is the industry leader in investment information.

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