Return To Questrade Deal, Blog Highlight and Last Linkstuff

A quick reminder that the Four Pillars “Return to Questrade” deal is almost over. Check out my original post for details – if you went to RBC last year for the 1% deal and want to return for the $5 trades then this is the time.
My wife and I have completed moving our accounts back to Questrade and I have to say it is nice to have $5 trades again (not that the $10 trades at RBC were that bad) and the best part is that I can move money in and out of my Questrade accounts from my CIBC chequing account which I couldn’t do at RBC Direct.

I think this is going to be the last linkpost for a while (maybe forever). They are fairly time consuming and I’m not sure that they add much value for anyone.

The rest of the links

Thicken My Wallet questions – do you own too much house? Along with the Money Gardener, he tries to figure out how much house is too much.

Canadian Capitalist asks if fixed-income investors have the same problems as equity investors when it comes to sticking to their investment plan?

ABCs of Investing wrote about tax-free municipal bonds.


1031 Exchange

Carnival of 20 Something Finances

Carnival of Road to Financial Independence

7 replies on “Return To Questrade Deal, Blog Highlight and Last Linkstuff”

My hesitation in moving to Questrade is they continue to not support MAC’s and from discussions I’ve had with them, are not planning to develop for that platform.

Cords – I think the problem is that Macs are not as popular as PCs. I guess Questrade won’t make enough money off of Mac users to make it worthwhile.

Kathryn – I’m glad you read this. Thanks for all the great articles.

Thanks for the mention. You should check out some of the vociferous complaints I’ve had on one of my posts about Questtrade. I don’t use them myself though, I’ve stuck with the big 5 for now.

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