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Today’s weight was 181 pounds! Yes, this means I met my goal of 182 pounds which I set back on October 30. This whole effort resulted from Brip Blap’s Public Declaration post in which he challenges people to publicly set a goal and then try to meet it. I have to say that posting about the weight every week was one of the better motivators I had for this project and resulted in losing the weight in only nine weeks which is much less than the four to six months I was expecting.

Well now that I’ve gotten down to 181, my next two goals are:

  1. Keep the weight off. If nothing else by the end of the year I don’t want to be heavier than 181 pounds.
  2. Get down to 175 pounds. I know from my college days that my perfect weight was around 165 pounds but I don’t think that’s a realistic weight to shoot for since it would be too hard to maintain. Wish me luck!

Some interesting reads from this week:

This post from My Dollar Plan blew my mind – it’s about a person who has 181 financial accounts which includes 89 credit cards. Another interesting statistic that she wrote about is that the credit limit on all the cards is just over a million dollars.

Fecundity wrote a humorous list of things to do, and not to do in the presence of a pregnant woman.

Check out the second edition of the Carnival of Financial Goals hosted by I was an editor’s choice for my post on Shooting Down Goals.

14 replies on “Sat Weigh In and Links”

Hey Mike, good job on meeting your weight goal. You have inspired me to start jogging again with my yellow lab.


MDP – your blog is a very interesting read!

FatherSez – thanks for the link.

MG – one of the reasons I was surprised to lose the weight in the time I did was because I haven’t really been exercising that much. It was pretty much 100% diet.


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