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Weight was 180 pounds today so no change from last week. I managed to go jogging twice this week which makes me feel really good because exercise is one area that I haven’t kept up with over the last month or so. This is mainly because of a never-ending cold but I’m back on track now and I hope to run twice a week.

New Baby

A big congrats goes over to Keith at The Money Gardener who just had a little baby boy a couple of days ago!

Book giveaway

Don’t forget to enter the “RRSP Book” book giveaway – contest ends Monday at midnight!


Plonkee hosted the Carnival of Personal Finance this week and listed our submission “The Myth of Weekly Mortgage Payments”

MoneyMyths hosted the Carnival of Money Stories and included my post called 2007 Investment Returns (hey you gotta enter something!).

Group writing project

On Friday I’m going to be participating in a group writing project – “The Money Matters for All Ages” series. This is a pretty neat set of posts which deals with money matters for different ages from tiny tots all the way up to retirees. The posts which have been published this week have lots of great advice about how to teach kids (of different ages) about money.

January 15 – Introduction at My Dollar Plan
January 16 – Preschoolers at I’ve Paid for This Twice Already
January 17 – Personal Finance for Children and Pre-Teens at Being Frugal
January 18 – Teenagers at Gather Little by Little AND Money Advice to My Teenage Son at DebtFREE-Revolution
January 19 – College Age at Finance Freelance Life
January 20 – The Twenties at Remodeling This Life and more Twenties at Cash Money Life
January 21 – The Thirties at Moolanomy and more Thirties at My Two Dollars
January 22 – The Forties at Credit Withdrawal
January 23 – The Fifties at Millionaire Money Habits and more Fifties at Credit Withdrawal
January 24 – The Sixties and beyond at Chance Favors
January 25 – Retirement at Quest For Four Pillars and Plonkee Money
January 26 – Wrap up and highlights at My Dollar Plan

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