Saturday LinkPost – Welfare Edition (And Some Boobs)

This post highlights a family in Britain that lives entirely on government benefits.  Not only are they getting by, I’d say they are doing very well.

You want a nanny state?  Well, how about paid travel vacations for everyone?  The head of EU thinks that it is a basic human right.

Speaking of scumbags – this lady is preventing an elderly couple from using a shared driveway they used for 33 years.

And now for something completely different…

PT Money has quit his day job and is blogging full time.   He points out that health care costs are an issue for him since they would like to have another baby.  It seems like private health care costs in the US end up being a huge tax on entrepreneurs.

Frugal Dad is clearly thinking along the same lines as PT, but is still working on his plan to become self-employed.

Something even more different

A college student in Indiana is going to show some skin on Monday in order to start a worldwide earthquake.  Check out boobquake.

More great links

Rachelle from Million Dollar Journey wrote about the battle between the CREA and the competition commissioner about control over the MLS.  Lots of stupid comments from real estate agents.

Kevin Press wrote about his experience with poverty.  A good read.

Squawkfox has some great baked bean recipes – I’ll be trying some of these.

The Financial Blogger sold his house without an agent – he did well, but he chickened out on the last few thousand dollars.  He still did much better than if he used an agent however.

Canadian Capitalist reviewed “The Big Short” by Michael Lewis who wrote “Liar’s Poker” – an excellent book.

An interesting post explaining why movies suck.  They are mostly written for teenagers – apparently 70% of movie goers are under the age of 21.  I did not know that.

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“It seems like private health care costs in the US end up being a huge tax on entrepreneurs.”

If you have children, yes. For myself, it’s only about $40 more per month than I was paying back when I had a full-time job. So a meaningful expense, yes, but not a reason in itself to avoid the entrepreneurship route.

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