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Frequent commenter Shevy has started her own blog which I urge you to check out since it’s pretty good. Her most recent post is a response to a comment I made this week about not traveling with my kids ever again!

Blunt Money is the one blog in our new network that I wasn’t familiar with until recently and I have to say I’ve been pleasantly surprised since I really like reading her stuff. Here are a couple of articles I enjoyed:

  • Are single stocks too risky? She questions Dave Ramsey’s advice on this one.
  • Staying Motivated. Blunt talks about how she and her husband have done the ‘easy’ work on their new business and now have to find the motivation to get the other 90% of the work done. I can relate to this as I have another website I’m planning to “launch” (as we say in the biz) but getting it ready with material etc is just plain hard work. Of course I can use my new baby as an excuse, but I can only do that for so long!

Million Dollar Journey talks about his idea of retirement and invited his readers to share their visions.

Amateur Asset Allocator (one of my favourite blogs lately) says that investing in bank stocks will pay off in the long run. A good post if you own any bank stocks!

Canadian Capitalist talks about one of my favourite subjects – ETFs!! Vanguard has a new all-world ETF and he explains why it’s not so great.

Financial Blogger talks about the bizarre Quebec tradition of everyone moving on the same day.

Clever Dude wrote about how he gave his economic stimulus check to his father-in-law’s church and the father-in-law wasn’t too happy.

Squawkfox created a neat calculator for gas mileage which I’m going to try. She also created a video which explains how to use it

Moneyning signed up for some “free stuff” and is wondering if he got scammed. Nothing is for free!!!

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Thanks for the shout out Mike!

I’m off to read Financial Blogger’s post because I’ve heard about this practice of everybody moving at the same time (from people in Montreal) but have never known much about it!

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