Saturday LinkStuff, Funny Comments And Weight

Weight was 179.5 pounds this week. Holding steady which is surprising considering my diet hasn’t been stellar. I’ll take it.

Funny comment

This week I did a post on some moronic Toronto parents which generated lots of great comments. Looby was inspired to leave the following comment which I thought was one of the funniest I’ve read:

True story with a Vancouver twist: my friend and I were in a store when a loud voice from the doorway proclaimed “a little help with my stroller, thank you” aimed generally into the store. As we were nearest we went over to see what assistance she needed, only to discover her baby was in fact a white poodle, with bows.
The truly depressing aspect is that I have lived here long enough to not even be surprised but I sincerely hope she never has any human “children” I imagine she’d be insufferable.
As for children in fancy restaurants, please no, I’d rather find the poodle at the next table.

Articles that I really enjoyed over the last few weeks

Canadian Capitalist wrote that it’s ok to revisit your asset allocation and make changes once in a while.

Million Dollar Journey did an interesting comparison of Canadian vs American retirement accounts.

Thicken My Wallet talks about companies splitting up and the stupidity of Wall Street.

The Financial Blogger gives us a look at a typical day in his life. Let’s just say he keeps busy!

Canadian Dream had a second child as well and has lost track of time. I can totally relate – I find the lack of structure of not working to be extremely unproductive.

My Dollar Plan faces an interesting situation – she has two young kids and would like to work at home. So far she hasn’t given up her day job but she has an option of taking an early retirement package – at age 28! If she’s retired she might have more time to feed her spread sheet addiction! 🙂

The Dividend Guy says that dividend growth is far more important than dividend yield when selecting dividend stocks. Excellent advice. Next question – which companies are going to grow their dividends the fastest?

Middle Class Millionaire is giving up the city life and moving to the country. Good luck with the move.

A big congrats to Ron at the Wisdom Journal and Lynnae over at Being Frugal who both paid off their credit cards. Ron wrote a pretty good post about the myths of credit card debts and I loved Lynnae’s picture of her Citybank credit card which she attacked with a hole punch (and probably a few teeth as well).

The Money Gardener wrote an interesting piece on how to hedge your gasoline stocks with energy trusts. The cool thing about this post is that he actually puts forth a specific plan.

Financial Jungle wrote about Community Lend which is the Canadian equivalent to Prosper and Lending Club. Hopefully it will be more successful than its American counterparts. Lending Club isn’t taking any new lenders and Prosper didn’t renew their advertising on our blog which is clearly a step in the wrong direction.

Where Does All My Money Go wrote about the costs of mutual funds in Canada. This might be entertaining for our American readers to find out how dumb the average Canadian investor is (to pay these fees).

SquawkFox wrote a great piece on buying life insurance and how to be a woman which got linked from Steve Pavlina. I don’t read Pavlina but he has a huge blog.

Brip Blap put together an absolutely brilliant list of ways to simplify your finances. I’m not a big fan of list posts, but sometimes (like this time) they turn out pretty well. I agree with all of his suggestions entirely.

Triaging my way to financial success wrote a piece on a favorite subject of mine – the sub-prime crisis!!

Gather Little by Little wrote a really good post about being bored at work. I can relate to that. Check out the photo as well – it’s a classic.

13 replies on “Saturday LinkStuff, Funny Comments And Weight”

Thanks for including my article! It’s a classic alright. What’s worse is my oldest son is the same age I was in that picture…*sigh*

Glad I managed to overcome your anti-list prejudices 🙂

I think saying Pavlina has a huge blog is like saying Microsoft sells a few operating systems….

I lived in Vancouver for about 11 years. The poodle in a buggy doesn’t surprise me. Yaletown and Kits are all about designer dogs in designer duds. The women & men (yes men do this too) carrying these k9s are krazy. Albeit, they are fun to watch and there’s no ticket needed to watch the show. 😉

Thank you for mentioning my two tales this week. 🙂

Ha! I’m glad you were amused. Squawkfox is right there is no shortage of these people here in Vancouver, although doggy backpacks are more common than buggies, and it does provide a lot of entertainment!

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