Saturday LinkStuff

Some quick links for a Saturday.

Canadian Financial DIY posted an excellent article comparing the show “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” to investing – check it out and see for yourself.

The Financial Blogger addressed one of my pet peeves regarding lack of financial education in schools.

Canadian Capitalist posted an article pointing out that high investment costs (which we are all obsessed with) are not the worst enemy of the investor.

Million Dollar Journey wrote about how blogging has influence his finances.

Mr. Credit Card hosted the Carnival of Personal Finance #121 and

My Retirement Blog hosted the Carnival of Personal Finance #120

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FourPillars – I don’t know HOW many times I’ve asked myself that very question. I was raised frugal and never had any knowledge at all of $; my parents almost taught me NEGATIVE financial literacy in the fact that they never spent NOR invested!

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