Saturday Morning Update

An update on the weight situation:

  • Weight – 189 this morning which is a whopping 3 pounds less than a week ago. This seems a bit suspicious so part of the loss might just be the normal weight variations. Regardless, it’s a bit less so that’s a good thing!
  • Beer – I hardly drank any beer this week although after helping Mr. Cheap move some stuff to his new apartment on Wednesday he made me drink some beer and nachos with him at a local bar 🙂
  • Diet – not bad, I’ve been making a pretty good effort this week although Halloween didn’t help.
  • Exercise – did my usual stuff this week but I went running on Tuesday night which was an extra.

This week Millionaire Mommy Next Door hosted the Carnival of Personal Finance and included the post ETFs vs Mutual Funds. She added a cool voting feature so I suggest going and voting for my favourite post on the carnival Follow the White Rabbit to Financial Freedom by Brip Blap. If you are a Matrix fan then you will love his post.

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Ugh, Halloween. The holiday season has truly commenced and it’s good that you’re being active prior to the Xmas binge. I need to start moving as well, but I’m petite anyways so I can get away with a lot, lol. Still, it’s not the weight but your overall health.

Thanks Mariam – I figure if I can lose most if not all of it by Xmas, gain half of it back over Xmas, then lose again in Jan then things should be ok!!

Seriously – my goal during the holidays is zero weight gain!


Mike, if you have a bathroom scale & use igoogle, or whatever it’s called, you can install google 15, which’ll track your weight trend in a cool and visible way, rather than the daily peaks/troughs. Might be a bit much effort for only 10lb, but. You live in the beaches, right? If you run on the boardwalk you’ll be racing me and loverboy!

Hi Guinness – I’ll look into it. Someone else (Telly?) suggested a different graphing site. I’m not that keen on frequent measurements though.

Funny, I just got back from roller-blading down at Ashbridges Bay – I don’t go on the boardwalk (too bumpy) but on the bike path. Didn’t see any volleyball players oddly enough. 🙂


Hey FP, I hear that you don’t want to do daily weigh-ins, I know that people have psychological limitations on weighing themselves daily. However, if you’re just giong to question your weekly weigh-ins (like you did in your post), then you might as well weigh yourself every morning and get a good picture.

The truth is, daily weigh-ins give you a better feedback mechanism. Better feedback = quicker adaptation = more control over your weight now and in the future. You may have psychological hold-ups about daily weigh-ins, and those hold-ups are costing you weight control. As always, it’s your call, but know what you’re missing 🙂

As to the 3lbs in one week, it’s actually pretty normal (even when weighing daily). When you’re dropping from a stable weight, there tends to be a “jump” right off the bat. I don’t know what causes it, but I’ve seen it multiple times with mutiple people.

Hi Gates – I don’t have any psychological issues with daily weigh-ins – it’s more of a laziness issue as well as the fact that I don’t know how necessary it is. Weight loss is not a short term project so whether I check every hour or once a week I don’t see how it makes much of a difference. Kind of like your investments…

We’ll see how it goes – I will probably check the weight every couple of days or so.


Oops, sorry, late to the comments – busy weekend – but excellent job! Hey, it’s hard to pass up beer and nachos – that’s a superfood, after all… 🙂

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