Saturday Weigh-In And Links

Weight was 179.0 today – I seem to be staying under 180 for the last few weeks so that is encouraging.  Going from 192 pounds to 180ish was very easy, but now the pounds are getting much more stubborn!


Kyle over at the Amateur Asset Allocator had another excellent post called How To Get Bailed Out By The Government. He refers to the South Park line “smug-emitting hybrids” which made me laugh. I think saving the environment is the right thing to do but some people seem to think it’s a status symbol. As for my contribution – I’m getting the Hummer painted green next week. 🙂

Squawkfox wrote a turkey of a post explaining why “free” stuff is really just free crap. Couldn’t agree more.

Chief Financial Officer wrote a pretty good post suggesting that there are better alternatives to lottery tickets. I’ve always thought lottery tickets are a “tax on the stupid” even though I do occasionally indulge in them. One thing I try to do however is buy tickets in smaller draws where the odds of winning are much better than in a lottery. Of course the prize is smaller but it’s a better deal since the payout is usually much higher for a small draw compared to a lottery.


Carnival of Personal Finance was hosted by The Happy Rock.

Festival of Frugality was hosted by On Financial Success.

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