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Weight was 179.5 pounds today which is down 0.5 pounds from last week. A quick recap – I started the weight loss goal at 192 pounds – hit my goal of 182 pounds about a month ago and I’m now going for 175 pounds.

Canadian Financial DIY is one of the best investment blogs around – extremely well written and researched. This week he came up with a gem of a post where he compares the current stock market decline (crash?) to multi-vehicle accidents, one of which he was involved with in the past.

ThickenMyWallet, a lawyer turned entrepreneur who blogs on the side, is writing a very interesting series regarding legal issues surrounding blogging such as liability for advice given. Part I deals with intellectual property rights (ie no copying), defamation of character (names CAN hurt you). Part II deals with the potential ramifications of giving advice to readers among other issues.

Moolanomy had an interesting point on Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) which had some great comments (and I’m not talking about mine!).

This article on rewards programs which I discovered through the Canadian Capitalist could have been written by me since I had the same problems with my Visa Aerogold which I just got rid of.

Million Dollar Journey had a couple of posts which I really enjoyed where he talks about Shopping for a Newborn and part II is here.


Green Panda hosted the Carnival of Personal Finance and included Do You Really Earn Your Investment Income?.

Plonkee Money hosted the Carnival of Money Stories and included Cheap’s post Low Level Venture Capital.

On Financial Success hosted the Festival of Frugality and included Mr. Cheap’s post You Deserve It.

The Skilled Investor hosted the Carnival of Financial Planning which featured “My New Asset Allocation (Part XIV)”.

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