Saturday Weigh In and LinkStuff

Weight was 180.5 pounds this week. I bought a double jogging stroller this week so I should be able to go the running more easily since I can take the munchkins with me.


Big congrats to Steve over at Brip Blap who had a new baby this week.

Recently, Finance Freelance Life started a new site called the Finwickian which has a listing of blogs and will eventually have lots of personal finance information. It’s pretty cool – you can check out new blogs or add yours in if it’s not there.  It’s a wiki format so check it out!

Randall from Credit Withdrawal tells a very interesting story from his past which involves, getting fired, having a baby, losing his house but everything worked out really well.

The BagLady talks about some differences between good and bad debt. I left a comment where I basically say that dividing debt into “good” and “bad” is too simplistic since there are varying levels of good and bad. I look at debt as a tool which increases your personal risk. Bottom line is that the more debt you have, the more risk you have and if your debt payments are too high then some of that debt at least is “bad” debt even if the debt is for a income property mortgage or something which is normally considered “good” debt.

I really liked this post which clarifies what is a money coach by Nancy Zimmerman. I have an interest in financial planning and wouldn’t mind doing some sort of financial work in retirement. It’s very difficult to become a proper financial planner without having to sell expensive products and services so perhaps being a “money coach” might be a possibility. Nancy’s blog is very interesting and is worth checking out.


Carnival of Personal Finance was hosted by Lazy Man.

Carnival of Everything Finance was hosted by….Everything Finance – what a coincidence!

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Belated thanks for the good wishes now that I’m reemerging in blogging world! Let me know how the jogging stroller works – I’ve always been skeptical…


Brip – glad you are back on your feet again.

I really like the stroller mainly because it gives me a lot more opportunity to run during the day. That said, it’s not as good as running without one. I have a post coming up on the purchase and I’ll give a proper ‘evaluation’.


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