Saturday Weigh In and New Blog

Today’s weight was 180.5  pounds. I’m not making any progress in my new goal of getting down to 175 but at least I’m holding steady at the 180 lb range.  I kept up the running this week and ran three times.

I wanted to highlight a new blog that was also featured in the latest Carnival of Personal Finance that I hosted on Monday. is a very entertaining blog which covers personal finance, investing, frugal foods, some calculators which she created and much, much more with a healthy dose of puns thrown in. I took the time to read through her archives and the following items caught my eye:

The post that was awarded the “top hoser” award from the carnival – Ten financial lessons I learned from my dog – if you haven’t read it, then read it now.

Why good debt is a lie – I don’t agree with everything she says, but she makes some great points – particularly about education.

How to soak and cook dried beans – Ok this actually caught my wife’s eye who went out and bought several tons of dried beans.

Other posts of note

I’ve been meaning to link to this post for weeks – Clever Dude gives a well-photographed post on how he makes his sandwiches for lunch in bulk. I don’t know why I like this kind of stuff, I just do. 🙂

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OH MY GOD, I did EXACTLY the same thing when I moved to TO ahead of the husband – froze a few weeks worth of PB&J sandwiches every month. I must show this to him!

However being an urban food snob despite being a lousy cook, I used natural peanut butter and homemade jam. That grape jelly and Jif combination will take years off your life.

(I also ate breakfast cereal for dinner at least once a week. On reflection, my inner 19-year-old boy really came out during that period).

Now to watch Ireland beat England.

A big huge thank you for mentioning my blog, my dog, and my beans. I’m laughing about your wife buying tons of beans…that’s awesome! Just be sure to soak and rinse those beaners well…as I don’t wish to be the cause of relationship combustion. 😉

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