Some Canadian Linkstuff, ING Referral Code And Book Links

This week I did a book review on Mike Piper’s excellent intro to investing book – Investing Made Simple – I had suggested this would be a good stocking stuffer idea since most of the 4P readership seem to already have pretty good investment knowledge.  The links that were on that post were for – I didn’t realize until later that the book is also available on which of course is better for Canadians.  So if you had clicked on the links and then gave up in disgust after realizing you were on then you can go back and try again if you wish.

ING $25 referral bonus

A while ago I wrote about the ING $25 referral bonus code a while back and wanted to mention it again.  Each customer only gets 50 referrals and they are going fast.  Last time I checked there were only…ummm…50 referrals left on my account.  So act quickly because they are going fast!  🙂  The code is 33089336S1.

Some Canadian links

Squawkfox is a crack pot crock pot connoisseur – go find out what to look for if you want to buy one. AnySquawkPot.

Michael James on Money did a book review on “Super Trader” and he said it sucks.

Thicken My Wallet asks what does it mean when Buffett (yes, it has 2 “t”s) buys railways and India buys gold.  It probably means that TMW asks too many questions.  🙂  Wasn’t Buffett the guy who got a “great insider deal” on GM bonds a while back?

Canadian Capitalist reports on the Globe and Mail top brokerage rankings.

Preet explains what sovereign wealth funds are and why you should be terrified of them.  Ok, maybe just he explains what they are.


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“Congrats to the Canadian Finance blog who had a little baby boy in October.”

Oh-ho, if financial blogs start multiplying by themselves, we’re in *serious* trouble…

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