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I’ve been reading some blog posts that have different ideas about blogging (needless to say). One of the things I read on Brip Blap’s interesting post about blogs is that you should post even if you are on holiday. I didn’t realize that WordPress has a scheduler for posts (that’s why I had the test post last night – a test) so it’s not that hard to keep the posts going even if you are off camping for the week. While I can see this is a good idea if you are serious about building your blog (and not losing readership) I don’t know if it’s something I want to do.

My reasonings:

  1. Laziness – preparing five extra posts in advance would be more work which I’m not crazy about.
  2. Discussions – One of the big things I love the most about having a blog is the discussions that sometimes occur. If I posted an item that generated a good discussion and wasn’t there to enjoy it then that would annoy me to no end.
  3. Less comments – If I knew the poster wasn’t going to reading the comments for a while then I would less inclined to leave a comment.
  4. Does it really matter? I took a week off in July and although my hits went down during that week (as they should) they seemed to rebound without any difficulty. A week off isn’t really long time and a regular reader is probably not going to cross me (or any other blog) off their list because of it.
  5. Blog aggregators – Thanks to these nifty devices, it shouldn’t really matter how often you publish, once you are on someone’s feed they will get whatever you publish so it’s not like they have to keep going to your site to see if you are publishing again. Speaking of which – Brip Blap pointed out something that drives me nuts – blogs with partial feeds. Although I often click through and go to the actual site, I don’t like being forced to. So I decided that I would unsubscribe any sites that do this and just visit them directly (FB, I’m talking to you!).

I’d be interested to hear from any readers about their thoughts on this topic? And yes, I am planning to take a week off starting a week from now which is why I’m asking.

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Hey FP,

When it comes down to it, it’s your blog and you should do what you want. Like you said, when you start posting again, the readers will come back.


I agree, it is your blog, you do what makes you happy. 🙂

I actually do a combination of scheduled posts and spontaneous ones. It takes the “pressure” off when I don’t have any ideas to write, I know I have a few posts already scheduled out there, and it also leaves me room to write and post immediately.

When I go away for a week at Christmastime I may schedule posts out in advance or maybe see if anyone wants to write a guest post or two for me. I love writing guest posts so I figure maybe someone else does too.

As for losing subscribers, I don’t think you would for a week as long as you said you were leaving 🙂

I just am a content junkie and like new content all the time 🙂

MD – Thanks that’s sort of what I was thinking.

PT – thanks for the comment. I know you post a lot!
I’m not a fan of doing guest posts on other blogs – but if you want to do a guest post here then let me know!


Sure, email me when you want it by and if you have a specific thought in mind about what you want from a guest post (story, list, personal, useful idea, etc). If you have no specific idea in mind that is cool too I wing it. lol


Thomas – it’s hard to post regularly – on the other hand it’s hard to build a readership if you don’t post frequently.

FB – I set up the subscription again.

PT – I’ll be in touch.


I’ll trade guest posts with anyone, btw. I think that’s part of the cool flow of information here in the blogosphere.

I hear all of your objections to my thinking that you need to post daily and I still think if you are trying to BUILD versus MAINTAIN you need to post daily. I agree people who have already found you will stick around, but I’m talking about the people on the fence. Look at most of the biggest, most successful blogs and you’ll see 7-days-a-week content.

I don’t know, at the end of the day. I am planning on posting every single day – as long as I can. If I miss a day, I won’t sweat it, but I don’t plan to.

Gotta tell you, the biggest thing for me is that most days you have to drag me away from blogging – it’s just too much fun!

BB – you’re right, it really depends on how ambitious you are about your blog.
I can’t believe how much the big blogs post – some of them do three posts a day!
And yes, I definitely love the blogging.

Mr. C. – are you always that far ahead? I try to stay up to a week ahead but sometimes I don’t have anything in the kitty.

Thanks, and I’m always happy to provide feedback..and more feedback..and even more feedback!


I have posts ready for this week too but I never have more than one week at a time ready.



It is your blog, so do what you like. Another option is to prewrite posts and then have someone else do feedback on comments while your gone.

I had FT cover my blog for a week and I left him a pile of posts to use. It seemed to work out rather well.

Just an idea,

Thanks CD – I was originally going to do what you did on your holiday but I’ve since decided to just not post for the week.


I’ve done both: I’ve taken 2 weeks off without blogging at least twice and pre-posted once.

I don’t think readership suffered that much and came back to original levels in a week or two. However, I didn’t like pre-posting that much because I didn’t get a chance to read the comments. Next time, I want time off, I’ll ask you guys to be blog sitters 🙂

I personally prefer bloggers who post whenever something good comes up rather than the obligatory daily posts. Of course I don’t mind daily posting- it’s just that with some bloggers it starts to feel like they are doing it because they are supposed to and the content suffers. No one person has that many interesting things to say, sorry! Maybe this is because I read mostly crafting blogs, which are very sporatic (there’s not much to post unless you made/saw something, and that does not happen every day!). Basically, as everyone above said, Do what works for you

CC – sounds like a plan!

Dasha – that’s a great point. I’m not sure where the five day / week standard came from but you’re right about content suffering sometimes. The problem is that your stats go down if you post less and although I told myself that stats wouldn’t matter…apparently they do!


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