Switch To Digital TV And Lose Weight

Ok, my combined title is a bit misleading.  Today is the first day that analog tv signals no longer exist and you have to have some sort of cable, satellite or digital box in order to watch television.  I have no idea who this change might affect since I suspect most people already use digital tv.  I suspect it will affect people who only watch minimal tv and don’t want to pay for cable or a low-income person who can’t afford to upgrade.

Has this change affected you or anyone you know?

Losing weight

I’ve let my weight go a bit the last few months – I’ve crept up from 180 lb up to 185 lb so I decided to cut out all evening snacks this week which I think is my achilles heel.  Following the advice of Mr. Cheap – I weighed myself everyday and recorded the results.  I forgot a couple of days but here are the results:

  • Starting weight – 185 pounds
  • Monday, June 9 – 184.5
  • Tuesday, June 10 – 183.5
  • Friday, June 12 – 183.0

So far, so good.  Tonight, Mr. Cheap and Preet from will be coming over for dinner and a couple of beers so I may have to skip tomorrow’s weigh-in.  🙂

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Well don’t know if TV helps you lose weight but we in Malaysia are experiencing a booming economy thanks to China ! We in Malaysia are enjoying high growth and high inflation, I do not understand all this complaining. We have to thank China for our strong growth as our economy was going down until March 2009 and China rescued us by buying our commodities. Currently there is strong job market, 2 jobs for every worker, we have to import in foreign labour to do jobs that locals do not want to do ! We have high inflation, an example is a local dessert called “cendol” selling for $1.20 in local currency a month ago, is now selling for $ 1.80 in local currency. Thats a hefty increase, so don’t complain, enjoy the boom ! If we need more money we just job hop to a higher salary, you should try it as it is very effective !

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