Switching to Weekdays Only

I’ve been posting daily for the last couple of months, and judging from my more experienced fellow PF bloggers, this is a tough pace to maintain. Viewing this as a “marathon rather than a sprint” I’ve decided to pull back to weekdays only. Hopefully this will improve the quality of individual posts (or not) but should certainly help me keep posting longer without getting burned out (which I’m not feeling or worried about yet, but maybe its better to try to switch to a more reasonable pace while I’m still feeling good about it). Besides which, since my traffic drop significantly on the weekends, this should save my Monday readers from having to plow through 3 days of my drivel ;-).

I get the feeling that other bloggers really do “write every post on the day”, while I’ll often write a few days posts at a time when I’m feeling creative, then queue them up for posting one per day. Is this a blogging no-no? What is people’s motivation for writing daily?

I’m going to lump in holidays with weekends, so after today’s post, see you next Tuesday!

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I think posting on weekdays is a better way to do it. You’re only one person after all!

I usually write posts in advance mainly to free myself from the pressure of having to write a post last minute. Once in a while I’ll see an article or post that inspires me to write a post for that day (or the next) but that’s the exception.


Being anonymous gives you all considerable flexibility in your posting schedules. Someone who’s “public” needs to be more careful. Posting too often can create the perception that you’ve got too much spare time on your hands. “Hey, how come he’s blogging when he doesn’t have time to finish the McNulty file?” Also, you don’t want to post during working hours 😉

I target one post per blog per week and encourage readers to subscribe for updates by email.

Elliott: I think an important part of blogging is to write about something you have a borderline obsessive interest in. Mike and I can talk all night about personal finances (his wife gets sick of it and goes to bed and we keep going talking about finances and drinking beer). My last girlfriend and I broke up in part because I was always babbling about money and finances (she felt like I was lecturing her). I think my friends get tired of hearing about leveraged investment plans…

Writing a post a day isn’t too bad. When I used to have my own blog, I was posting daily (including weekends at one point) and often had a couple of weeks of posts lined up. Now adays I usually just write a post the day before, but if I’m going to be away for a while, its never been a problem to bang out a few posts ahead of time.

My suggestion would be to read other blogs / articles and post your thoughts about them (or write about things they inspire you to think about), have a variety of topics to write about and switch between them when one of them starts to get stale… There’s so much that has been writen on finances that there’s never going to be a day when nothing else can be said.

Good luck!

Elliott – I meant to reply to your comment – sorry.

First of all I don’t think it’s critical to post everyday. I really think three times a week is enough.

4 pillars is the Four Pillars of Investing by William Bernstein – excellent book on why you should do passive investing.


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