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Use Your Cell Phone Apps To Manage Your Money

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You would be hard pressed to find a person without a cell phone in this day and age. Parents buy cell phones for their kids in order to have a way to “keep in touch” and even seniors are becoming more comfortable with the technology available today. While some people still prefer to use a cell phone for the original purpose, to make and receive calls, there are many other perks associated with today’s phones. Specifically, owners of smart phones like the iPhone or iPod Touch have so many features on their phones, they might not even be aware of all the benefits they could be experiencing. There are new cell phone apps available that allow cell phone users to manage their money on the go.

Here we look at these cell phone apps and how they can help you manage your cash.

Bloomberg- This free mobile app is available for iPhone users as well as Blackberry users. is a website that helps active investors follow stocks, bonds, commodities and other business news. You can download the mobile app free of charge and keep track of all news associated with your investments from your cell phone. This is very helpful for busy investors who don’t have the time to be parked in front a computer all day.

Mint- Available to iPhone users, has a mobile phone app that brings all the benefits of the online system to the palm of your hand. A popular website that allows users to track and manage every aspect of their personal finances from checking account balances to credit card payments, offers a free mobile phone app that will help you budget and manage your finances when you are away from the computer.

Paypal- Paypal is used worldwide as a means of sending and receiving money. Whether you want to track payments received, send payments or view past transactions you can do so from your mobile phone while on the go. The mobile phone app offered by Paypal is available to iPhone, Android and Blackberry users free of charge.

Stockwatch- Keeping track of your portfolio performance each day is made easier with the mobile app offered by This app will allow you to organize stocks and mutual funds while automatically calculating your daily return. You have access to news, charts, analytical tools, all for just $2.99.

Tipulator- A tip calculator does not offer life changing financial advice, however it can be fun app to have on hand when you are out for dinner. You will pay just under one dollar for this mobile app that helps you calculate the proper tip based on percentage and how to split the bill if there are several parties. Is it necessary to have a tip calculator? No, but it’s fun to try out and very handy for people who are not proficient at doing math in their head.

Pennies- If you need help keeping track of your spending, the Pennies app is a great way to establish a monthly budget while recording and tracking daily expenses. Instead of jamming your money and receipts in your pocket or purse, you can simply update the information on the Pennies app and see if you are in line with your desired budget. This app is not free but very affordable at $2.99.

There are many more mobile apps available for cell phone users. Most large banks offer apps that allow users to receive mobile alerts and reminders to avoid going over their limit or paying a bill past the due date. In the increasingly mobile world in which we live, it only makes sense to take advantage of cell phone apps that make managing your money on the go easier. By staying on top of your financial transactions you can improve your personal finances, in this case, with the touch of a button.

What apps do you guys use to manage money or check balances with?