Saturday Weigh-In

Today’s weight was 184 pounds – a bit higher than last week…what can I say other than “tis the season”!. I’m back into diet mode (mostly) so hopefully I’ll have better results for next week.

I’ve been checking the data from our Google Analytics software which measures reader traffic and found some interesting results:

Shooting Down Goals which got a bit of Stumble fire lately has turned into our highest viewed page. Thanks to Tim from Canadian Dream for his post about goals which inspired the post and also to Patrick from Cash Money Life who stumbled the article. I’ve gotten to know Patrick a bit lately and he’s a really nice guy. His blog is quite good too. If you go to his site, then scroll past the top article to get to the newer posts.

Another thanks to Tim who feature Mr. Cheap and myself in separate interviews. Check them out if you want to find out our deepest and darkest secrets!!

One of the interesting features of Google Analytics is that you can see the popular search terms that are being used to find your blog. Things like “four pillars” or “the lazy investor” are typical ones for this blog. However the top search term for the last two months with 315 hits has been “fecundity financial blog”. I noticed this a while ago and wondered why that would be a search term for our blog. We had linked to her blog a while back before her blog started showing up in Google. I suspect that a number of people went to her blog, liked it and then rather than bookmarking or RSS they just kept doing a search for the blog and kept finding the link through our site. This should stop since her blog is now showing up on Google – but thanks Fecundity for all the indirect hits you created for us!