Guest Posts and Weigh In

Guest posts

I wanted to highlight a couple of guest posts that I did this week for Blueprint for Financial Prosperity – thanks to Jim for publishing them while he was on his honeymoon!

Why I Don’t Invest In P2P Lending – discusses some of the drawbacks and limitations of peer-to-peer lending and why I don’t feel it fits into my portfolio.
Guide to the Sleeping Pill Portfolio – a list of ideas for equity investors to think about when they experience volatility with their investments. Unfortunately this post gets more topical by the day – especially if you invest in Canadian banks! 🙂


On the weight front – I was 179.5 pounds which is unchanged since last week. Diet was ok and I went running four times this week which is great – I find since I’ve been running regularly it gets a lot less painful after a while. Maybe even slightly enjoyable. 🙂

Mike’s one inspirational message for the year (and quite possibly, the decade)

If you are thinking of starting some exercise, I recommend starting slow – when I started running a few months ago I just went once or twice a week. I ran slowly and only for about 15 minutes (or sometimes 10 minutes) at a time. It’s a lot better to do a little bit of exercise than none at all and if you can keep the pain to a minimum then you are more likely to do it again soon!