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Mr. Cheap and I are proud to announce that we have joined up with some other bloggers and created a new blog network called the “Personal Finance Network”. In case you are wondering exactly what a blog network is, it is generally a group of blogs that collaborate together and help promote member blogs via links. There are a number of potential benefits to the individual member blogs but I think the biggest one is the possibility of increasing our regular readership by getting some referrals from the other blogs. The readers of our blog won’t notice much difference except more links to the other member blogs.

Without further delay, here are the members of the Personal Finance Network:

Blunt Money – an American woman who talks about a variety of finance related topics.

Canadian Capitalist – most of our regular readers know him and his highly regarded blog. Mostly Canadian-related and investment topics.

Clever Dude – a very clever (or so he claims) American who is pretty funny and writes about “Family, Marriage, Finances, Life” – in other words pretty much anything!

MoneyNing lives in California but grew up in Canada so although he wasn’t born here, I’m including him as an honourary Canuck!

Squawkfox – another Canuck who writes very interesting posts on very interesting topics. Regular readers will recognize this blog as well.

Quest For Four Pillars – and of course this blog which you are probably already familiar with.

Please note that because of Canada Day there will be no post on Tuesday.

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