Thursday Linkstuff

Weight – I checked in at 182 a couple of days ago.

The Strump is a new (sort of) Canadian financial blog which I just discovered recently.  It is written by Thomas Strumpski who is an accountant among other things.  Check out the blog and subscribe if you like!

Some of the posts I enjoyed:

The Wild Investor asks could you could manage $700 billion?

Canadian Capitalist wrote an excellent explanation as why the big US bailout is necessary.  I tend to agree.

Money Ning has come up with 10 excellent activities for a bear market.  These include things like “invest more”, “stop watching the news” etc.

Blunt Money is not a fan of student loans.  She makes a good point that some people seem to think student loans are ok because they are for a good reason but why limit your future options by using them if you can avoid them?

Clever Dude reveals how his investments are doing.  Needless to say, it’s not a happy post!

SquawkFox has a neat suggestion for getting rid of fruit flies.  I think I’m going to try this – we usually have a lot of fruit in our kitchen and while the flies aren’t too numerous, even 1 is too many!  She also put together some great recipes for Halloween treats – check out the scary photos!


This week the Carnival of Money Hacks was held at Fix My Personal Finance.  Some nice photos.

The Carnival of Personal Finance was held at Girls Just Wanna Have Funds.

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Hey Four! You are an ACE at finding new Canadian PF sites! You get double points since The Strump is in the WEST COAST. Yes, I went to UBC as well.

Ohh thank you for swatting some flies and making faces in a linky love sorta way. Now I the Squawk is going to go Strump.

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