Thursday Linkstuff and Rob Carrick is God

First off – Mr. Cheap and I were thrilled to be mentioned in last weeks Globe and Mail column written by none other than Canada’s (and quite possibly the world’s) pre-eminent #1 personal finance journalist Rob Carrick! He mentioned our blog along with Canadian Capitalist and Million Dollar Journey as worthwhile personal finance reads which made us feel pretty good! The main point of the article was to talk about real estate blog resources and it centered on Canadian Mortgage Trends which I read and enjoy quite a bit.

Some recent posts from the blogosphere….

Squawkfox published a sexy, frugalicious ebook called “Get fab without spending a fortune“. You have to sign up for her feed in order to get the book but it is worth it for the photos alone!

Million Dollar Journey had a good post about debt – good?, bad?, indifferent? Read on…. If you liked that post then you might also be interested in a Squawkfox post about debt where she took the liberty of removing all uncertainties – “Why good debt is a lie“.

Moolanomy bought a Nespresso machine – from the photo it looks like a beautiful thing but it also costs money!

Where there is a will, there is a way

As part of our group project, Canadian Capitalist says to “Get your wills done through a lawyer“. Don’t cheap out with the home will kit, the drunken post-it note on the fridge “I leave everything to the one I luv” or even the Lionel Hutz type lawyer. Spend the money ($300-$400) and do it right!!

Where Does All My Money Go let us know about the benefits of a professional executor. This sounds like a pretty good service, especially if you don’t have anyone in mind to look after your estate.

The Financial Blogger came up with some common estate planning mistakes. Very good post and quite possibly one of the funniest lines I read all week – he talks about a situation that screws the second child – “I can tell you that your second child will surely kick your tomb if it ever happens!“. 🙂

Thicken My Wallet wrote about “5 common myths about wills“. This is free advice from a lawyer so check it out!

Million Dollar Journey explains why you need a will and the basics of estate planning. Good stuff MDJ but apparently he is a bit behind in his own will project so hopefully he will get it done soon and write about it!

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O wow. That’s a post from the past! The Good Debt is a Lie article was a fun one to write…the comments are even better. Thanks so much for remembering it!

As always, you fine fellows are the best. Congrats on your G&M mention! 🙂

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