Tiger Woods LinkStuff For Dec 10

Tiger Woods…”links”…linkstuff?  Haha – get it?  Ok, I have to admit I’ve been following the Woods sordid saga pretty closely.  My only question is why did he bother get married?  I had to wonder at the comments of one of his “friends” who was annoyed that he was seeing other girls as well.

On with the links (the other kind)

Larry MacDonald of was kind enough to mention this blog in another Globe and Mail article.  I gave some advice about RESPs.

Canadian Capitalist lists some 2009 year-end financial deadlines.

Million Dollar Journey talks about selling hope via lottery tickets.

The Financial Blogger explains how to make 6 figures a year.  I checked out his post and unfortunately, his method involves a heck of a lot of work.

Thicken My Wallet wonders when his dividends will go up.

Studenomics wrote a lengthy post comparing buying vs renting a house.

Where Does All My Money Go had an interesting post on the modified Dietz return calculation which is used to calculate portfolio performance.

ABCs of Investing explains what private equity is.

10 replies on “Tiger Woods LinkStuff For Dec 10”

I was monitoring woods too! lol… Golf Mirror Life.
c’mon man, wouldn’t you marry a sweden super model? LMAO..
You should always diversified your Portfolio so if you didn’t get it, you can get it some where else. lol.. joke.

I read there’s about 11 women now. I think it will go up to 18.

At the 1st hole, he only drived about 4 yards! lol..

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