Top Stocks For 2009 Competition Finish

At the beginning of this year I entered into battle with some other bloggers to pick the top 4 hot stocks of 2009. My picks basically reflected a gamble on oil prices going up since I picked a bunch of junior oil companies. – Bronco Energy. Purchase price $1.27. – Holly Corp Purchase price $3.65 – TriStar Oil and Gas Purchase price $11.41 – Connacher Oil Gas Purchase price $0.74

While the results for the contest aren’t really important since I didn’t win.  Here are the results in order of best to worst finish. Congratulations to for being the big winner in 2009.

  1. IntelligentSpeculator, 81.56%
  2. WildInvestor, 68.57%
  3. Wheredoesallmymoneygo, 56.14%
  4. TheFinancialBlogger, 41.37%
  5. FourPillars, 35.16%
  6. DividendGrowthInvestor, 18.17%
  7. Million Dollar Journey, 16.05%
  8. MyTradersJournal, -0.24%
  9. ZachStocks, -9.36%

I would have thought a 35% return would result in a better spot than 5th place but that`s the way it goes.  The TSX was up 31% this year so beating the index is nice but considering how risky the stocks I bought are – someone would be better off just buying the index.

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I completely agree on gold, it had a great run was becoming way over bought and then boom it went way out of control for about a week. Can we say capitulation, called that oil top last spring as well. Good Luck on winning this year!

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