TSX Dividend Aristocrats

I’d like to find a listing of Canadian equities that have maintained or increased their dividend payments for the last 20 years. I know this would include all the big banks (I think one of them skipped a dividend payment in the early 80’s, maybe I can forgive them now 😉 ). Does anyone have / know of such a list? (basically all Canadian dividend payers and how long they have maintained / increased dividend payments)? If it was a free list that’d be even better.

Thanks in advance for any links!

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This Rob Carrick article lists the top 23 dividend companies in Canada and has a handy cahrt with ratios at the end.

Not sure if that’ll be behind a subscriber wall for you. email me if not.

There’s also Mergent’s Dividend Achievers list for Canada (although that doesn’t list specifics of dividend history:

The “overview” section of the Mergent list says the following: “To become eligible for inclusion in the Canadian Dividend Achievers
Index, a company must be incorporated in Canada, trade on a major Canadian exchange, and have increased its annual regular dividend payments for the last five or more consecutive years.”

Very cool Anna, thanks! It only seems to go back to 1995 though (try BMO which has been paying dividends for over 100 years and set a date earlier then 95).

Any idea how to get older data?

Thanks again so much for the pointer!

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